What Should I wear On My First Date?

On your first date you should wear something comfortable. If you go to a nice dinner then wear nice clothes. The first impression count! If you meeting for coffee, then you could wear casual clothes.

Choosing the right outfit will give you the confidence to walk into the date with the right attitude and behaviors. When mens wear a suit, for example, we’re not merely choosing to wear a two-piece; no, we’re choosing to put our best selves forward and say, “We deserve to be happy.” We walk taller and generally set out to show the world we are a sophisticated man of value.

For women a sexy tight jean and a cute sexy top with cute jewelry, is great!Also stay away from heavy makeup and try to wear minimal makeup. Go for a no-makeup nude look and beachy waves. Just focus on looking beautiful and making intellectual conversations. Be on time! The first impression is important.

Smelling pleasant — an essential part of dressing up for both men and women. When we say pleasant, we genuinely mean pleasant. Go with something sweet, refreshing, and long-lasting. Don't over do the perfume!