More people are using the coronavirus as a dating app talking point

In reality, if someone doesn't want to become infected with the coronavirus, it's best they avoid close person-to-person contact, Business Insider previously reported, because that's the way a person is most likely to contract the virus.

If a person is truly concerned about the virus and isn't joking around on their dating apps, shacking up with potential hookup partners is a bad idea since it can lead to the passing of the virus through hand, mouth, or eye contact.

The big challenge right now is, who wants to go on a date with someone they don’t know,” Thill says. “If I was single, I wouldn’t want to date anyone right now.”

No one really knows how to responsibly date in a pandemic. Some apps are advising couples to meet in open spaces and avoid any form of physical contact; others are suggesting a safer, more sanitary solution: phone calls and video calls.

Sexting or phone/video sex are great ways to get hot without getting sick!

People are feeling isolated, particularly those who are single and can’t go home to their parents and families."A lot of people are going to meet online via dating apps and Matchmakers during the Coronavirus crisis and lots of relationships are going to take off when the virus slows down" Says Anis the founder of JAIDA dating app.

As of March 26th, 2020 The USA has 83,000 cases of Coronavirus.

Sex at a distance

Coronavirus isn't just changing norms around dating: sex tech is also seeing a surge in popularity. The pandemic and quarantine orders will lead to very different relationship rules.

One of her suggestions is “coronavirus and chill,” where couples choose a TV show to watch at the same time. “It could start a debate, a connection, a relationship,” she said in an email to CNBC.

Virtual Dating Ideas:

  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood while talking on the phone. ...

  • Watch a movie together.

  • Make crafts for each other on video chat and exchange them after the quarantine is over. ...

  • Have a drink or dinner together over video chat. ...

  • Take a free online class together. ...

  • Follow a recipe together.

There are still plenty of ways to strike up a romance with someone — it just requires some creativity. Fortunately, during this era of self-isolation and quarantine, we are able to stay more connected than ever through tech. Whether it's a post on social media, a text message, or a video chat, we can keep in touch with the people we care about the most (or hope to further connect with), even if they're miles away.